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Our outdoor smart signage solutions are specially engineered from the ground up to weather the elements with high-brightness, protective glass and IP65 certification. You can display your message in heat, cold, rain, snow and dust.


Corrosion Resistance

High-grade all-aluminum shell, anti-rust. Waterproof and anti-corrosion. At the same time, the shell can be customized with logo to add brand color to the advertising brand


Screen Quality

To ensure protection against damage and violence, we use special glass for our device's screen and put it under a dropping test as quality assurance.components for our digital signage are sourced from internationally well-known suppliers like LG, Samsung and AUO.


Environmental Adaptability

Adapt to all kinds of weather and temperature, it can work normally from minus 40° to 50°. Don't worry about damage to the LCD panel.

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