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  • Guangzhou Licheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yonghe Economic Development Zone, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. It is the most professional enterprise in China, which integrates R&D, production and sales. In recent years, we have focused more on the development and application of intelligent remote control and management technology products in advertising light box industry, which correspond to high-speed railway, airport and other places. Our company fully implements the high quality management system in the whole R&D and production process, according to the high-tech intelligent control system, injection parts moulding, parts processing and assembly refinement. In order to meet the diversified needs of the market, Licheng Science and Technology, based on the advertising industry, constantly carries out product innovation and development to meet the long-term stable needs of different customers and different markets, and strives to build benchmark enterprises in the light box production industry.

    After more than ten years of experience and development, Licheng Technology has won the trust of many customers, including tens of thousands of BRT advertising light boxes in Zhengzhou; Guangshen, Guangzhu, Wuguang, Shanghai, Kunming, Nanguang, Xiamen and many other high-speed railway platform light boxes and advertising light boxes in and outside the household in various provinces and municipalities. The company's products are also well-known in foreign markets. They are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, such as Saudi Arabia, the United States, Canada, Russia, Germany and Malaysia. Some countries have regional general agents and strategic partners.

    Sustainable development and continuous innovation are the mission of every employee. Continuous pursuit of high-tech, high-quality products and technologies, and providing customers with high-quality all-round services are the driving force for our sustainable development.

    Company location

    The company is located in Yonghe Economic Development Zone where high-tech enterprises gather.

    The surrounding environment is elegant and green.

    High-tech equipment workshop

    Factory area 8000 square meters, equipped with cutting top aluminum profile

    And angling equipment, annual output of hundreds of thousands of units.

    Company corner

    The exhibition hall is equipped with the most advanced all-intelligent rolling light box, remote monitoring system.

    Samples of LED dynamic light box, LED full-color light box and aluminum accessories, etc.

    Storage of warehouse accessories is sufficient to maximize production speed.

    Perfect service

    Provide 24-hour hotline technical support.

    Free door-to-door installation, 5-year warranty, spare parts warranty.

    Regular user visits and patrols, product failure lightning repair,

    Provide technical training for users.

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    Sales team

    24-hour online reception, professional customer service.

    Professional design scheme, for you to reduce costs and improve the speed of finished products.

    Quarterly summary

    Actively sum up the advantages and disadvantages, and continue to invest in product research and development.

    Exploit and innovate to ensure the leading position of the industry.

    Licheng's promise: "Let our profession help your advertising more efficient dissemination!"
    • 2007

      LICHENG was established in Guangzhou, the plant area of 2,000 square

    • 2008

      LICHENG Successfully developed a variety of light boxes for aluminum and intelligent rolling system products

    • 2010

      LICHENG The first scale expansion, plant area increased to 5,000 square meters, while the introduction of the industry's top aluminum cutting and fight angle equipment

    • 2011

      LICHENG Accept tens of thousands of advertising light box projects in Zhengzhou BRT1-4

    • 2012

      LICHENG Full implementation of high quality management system and successful approval of ISO quality management system

    • 2013

      LICHENG Become the designated supplier of high-speed rail advertising media production of Guangzhou Railway Group, and continue to undertake high-speed rail light box projects such as Wuhan-Guangzhou, Guangzhou-Guangzhou, Guangzhou-Shenzhen;

    • 2014

      LICHENG In succession, it has undertaken Saudi Arabian gas stations and Italian bus kiosk light boxes and other projects, and has passed various international certifications such as SGS, EU CE, Arab SASO, etc.

    • 2015

      LICHENG Successfully developed and launched the LED dynamic light box and intelligent remote control system, and successfully obtained these two invention patents in April.

    • 2016

      LICHENG Newly added 3,000 square meters of workshops, and successively undertakes advertising light box projects such as the Malaysian subway and Russian outdoor