After sales and technology

  • Free installation, warranty for up to 5 years

    All products purchased in the company are free to install training free warranty for up to 5 years

  • On-site service

    After the problem is guaranteed, first conduct telephone guidance. If the phone cannot solve the problem, arrange the technician to solve the problem.

  • Zero warranty

    Completely free warranty due to damage caused by the light box itself. Think of the damage caused by the problem, only the cost of parts

  • Component cost price replacement

    After the warranty period, the company will continue to provide repair services, and parts will be replaced at cost price.

  • Provide 24-hour hotline technical support to handle troubleshooting user questions;
  • Conduct regular user return visits and inspections;
  • Timely faulty product repair;
  • Organize and analyze the relevant data of the products, and timely report back to the relevant departments to make the product problems improve rapidly;
  • Provide user training and engineering technical training.